Our Purpose

Prime Medic is dedicated to the purpose of providing health professionals – physicians, pharmacists, nurses and allied professionals, with evidence-based, animated continuing education programs of distinction and integrity. Our goal is to address the global needs of health care professionals as well as patients, and for those responsible for implementing patient-centered, ethical, best-practice medicine in keeping with the advancing pace of medical science.

Our Mission

Prime Medic’s mission is to improve current medical knowledge and practice in the management and treatment of illness, addressing the needs of patients and practicing physicians and allied health care professionals, to advance best-practice medicine.

Who is Prime Medic?

Prime Medic Inc. is a full-service, multi-media continuing health education company with established experience in developing evidence-based educational programs of distinction in the majority of therapeutic areas related to current medicine.

Prime Medic is a leader in the development and execution of innovative, animated, interactive, blended-learning continuing medical education programs.

Our expertise in health education includes, areas of medicine such as respirology, cardiology, infectious diseases, HIV & AIDS, rheumatology, oncology, women's health, men's health, family medicine, and more.